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Google Is Piloting Display Network In Shopping.

Google is testing display network for Shopping Ads. Up until now Shopping Ads were exclusively shown on Search Networks only, but his will change soon. I’ve spotted one on my clients Shopping Campaigns opted into Display Network without me even opting in, Google confirmed to me this account was chosen as a part of a closed pilot […]

Buy On Google Update

It’s been a while and it seems; by observing and discussing with Google Staff the direction of Buy On Google is heading, is clearer now. It does not appear Google is building an Amazon style E commerce marketplace but rather is enhancing the Google Shopping marketplace with product consolidation, product ratings etc. in order to drive up […]

Speculating The Buy On Google Feature

t’s been over a year Google started a limited beta test with a reported dozen high sellers. Google is tight-lipped on the program & what it has in store for it’s future. From the recent constant Google Shopping updates and consolidating with required brand UPCs, it point to preparing for the big expected Google Buy […]

New Ad Title Color.

I just spotted Google using a green color on the title mark for some search ads instead of the traditional Yellow. Still wondering if there’s more to it like Google testing different colors for positions of ads. Will keep an eye & update.

Our Google Parters Connect Event

We’re excited to host our First Google Partners Connects live event. Videology Bar & Cinema Screening Room, 308 Bedford Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11211. Wednesday May 4th 12 EDT. Arrive at least 30 minutes early to have a refreshment and settle in. The event is comprised of two parts: Streamed content by Google’s Frederick Vallaeys, followed by a networking […]

Gmail Promotions Tab is Great!

Google began rolling out a restructure of the Gmail inbox a while ago, diving the inbox in 3 tabs; Primary, Social & Promotions. Some of us doing Email Marketing campaigns to opted in customers were fearing an apocalypses with customers possible ignoring the Promotions tab. One year later after monitoring countless email sent reports I’m […]

Does Facebook Advertising work?

Does Facebook Advertising work for direct sales? Everyone is on Facebook these days, people spend hours upon hours on Facebook, but  can I sell my product through  Facebook Advertising? The answer of course is it depends what you look for & the audience you target. Facebook has many layers, your  friends list of course, which […]

Merchant Promotions A Sure Winner

Google Shopping has emerged as the favorite of Pay Per Click Advertising. With product images & price comparison, it gives searchers most relevant information about the item they are looking for and a quick buying decision making process. As much as 60% of  Adwords product conversions are now generated through Google Shopping. Naturally the big […]

Does PPC listings affect your organic rankings?

Have you ever thought about it? When you use Google Adwords or Bing Adcenter to promote your website, you pay per click for Keywords and set up ad groups, does this in any way boost your organic ranking? The official answer by Google is no. Google does not take into their SERP algorithm Apart from […]